At just shy of 13, I stepped into the world of entrepreneurship, creative work, and jewelry design. That small and somewhat blind step of faith led me through the past 8 years of work & relationships throughout the world from trade shows in North Carolina to teaching in Jamaica and trunk shows in Nashville. 

At 16, I was choosing between rapid growth with mass production of my work or a simple, small business model with room for change. In that season, I made the choice to swiftly step back from full schedules and travel in order to focus on developing a more intimate, creative approach. This is why my designs are still one of a kind and hand crafted with great detail today. 

The value of my work is not found in hand wrapped details or stones, but in the character they carry. My hope is that you would enjoy this experience of selecting a hand crafted piece while seeing artistry and intentionality. The past 8 years of trade shows and custom work have allowed me to meet kind hearts, along with some of the most talented artists. Through these relationships, the Lord has given me a love for people and displayed to me the importance of cultivating a legacy. The hope and joy of my story and my motive for serving clients is rooted in the simple fact that this is all the result of God's work in my life! He is faithful to direct our dreams and plans as we recognize the weight of eternity in what is set before us. 


What goes into each piece really matters! Approximately 70% of my pieces today incorporate antique elements that I pick up in my travels across the country. These pieces- from compacts and lockets to brooches and hat pins- tell stories, add character, and act as an everyday piece of art. I hand select all materials and components in order to develop pieces of lasting quality. From the start, I've naturally purchased these materials from local artisans, antique sellers, and small shops that I've developed personal relationships with. My investment and sourcing choices directly affect fellow entrepreneurs that are equally as passionate about their craft.